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Why Become A Pilot School?
How Can You Become A Pilot School?

How will this benefit you?

Making Sense Of Addition And Subtraction is an on-line supplementary set of over 800 5-minute daily lessons. By using these lessons to prepare for your regular mathematics curriculum, your sutdents will have much more success, will have a much better opportunity to understand, and will be continually challenged to develop new reasoning strategies.

By using these on-line lessons, just 5-minutes per day, beginning in K and continuing through grade 2, you will
  • increase your students' number sense'increase your students' flexibility in using mature reasoning strategies
  • increase your students' fluency
  • increase your students' abilities to use addition and subtraction in everyday situations
  • increase your students' confidence and ability to solve and discuss solutions
  • better prepare your students for success with your regular mathematics curriculum
  • have access to 5-item formative assessments where the students write only their answers using paper and pencil - these can easily and quickly be checked
  • on-line assessments, which are for both the class and for individuals, anonymously saved in a data base to
    • measure performance on a given day
    • help identify specific facts that are troublesome
    • show growth from any month to any other month
    • identify individual students who are fast or slow, accurate or inaccurate
    • identify any students who are not using a strategy efficiently (for strategy assessments only) - this will help the teacher quickly identify those students who need instructional intervention without investing time to interview students

Additionally, these lessons will provide intervention for students with learning problems. there are far more lessons on each topic than in the regular curriculum, so students will have much more time to make sense.

How can a teacher use the lessons?

It will only take about 5-minutes each day for a teacher to use the lessons. This can fit into the teacher's schedule any time during the day.

The teacher simply needs to log in and lcick on a lesson. It will immediately be projected for the entire class to see. Each lesson is animated, but stops after each question to allow the students time to solve the problem and discuss their solutions, and the opportunity for the teacher to listen to students' thinking and solution strategies. Then at least one solution is illustrated, with animationl This will provide additional opportunity for class discussion about solution strategies.

To access the reports the teacher simply needs to log in to the assessments and they will have access to individual reports and class reports (to get an individual report, the teacher must enter a number for that student, which only the teacher knows)
  • for performance on any assessment
  • for growth from one month to any other month
  • for identifying students as fast or slow, accurate or inaccurate
  • for identifying students who are not yet efficiently using a strategy
Each of these reports can be printed.

How can a school be selected to become a pilot school?

As we launch our website, we will allow the teachers in a school building to pilot the lessons free for two years. Typically, for a district with multiple schools, we allow the teachers in only one or two elementary school buildins to become pilot schools. The curriculum director of a district or a principal or mathematics coach can simply contact us (click on Contact Us at the bottom of any page on our website) and provide name, e-mail address, school name, city, and state.

How can a school get started?

After receiving a request to become a pilot school from a leader at the school, that leader will receive an e-mail reply from us providing a password. The leader can simply log in with their e-mail address and the given password. The password should be changed as soon as that leader logs in by loggin in to Your Profile under User.

Then that leader should click on Invites For New Teachers under User. At that point, the leader should simply enter the e-mail addresses of up to 25 teachers in that building who will use the lessons. This should include the K-2 classroom teachers and any teachers who provide instruction intervention. After selecting each teacher by clicking on the square at the left of each name and clicking on the Save and Send Invites button at the bottom, each of those teachers will automatically receive an e-mail invitation to register. It will be helpful if all of the teachers identify the school using the same name.

That email will include an invite code. Each teacher will simply register by first using the invite code then completing the registration and creating a password. Then each of teachers will need to create a student list and remember the number for each student. Each time a student logs in to take an on-line assessment, that student or the teacher needs to sue the same student number. Each teacher can add or delete students by logging in to Your Students and making the appropriate changes.

Enjoy the satisfaction of watching your students make sense?

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